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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Divorce, Interrupted by Jill James

Do I like controversy? Um, not really. Not really, a lot. When I set out to write Divorce, Interrupted I just wanted to write a story a little outside the box. A story that might not be looked at by my small e-publisher, but only because they don't do married couples with problems or divorced spouses working on their problems.

I was unprepared for the emails commenting on how I took a very tough subject like infidelity and made it work. How I was sensitive to the delicate subject I was writing about. Wow! I hadn't planned that at all. For the record, my husband knows if he ever cheated he wouldn't be able to run far enough, fast enough, to escape my wrath. But I felt with Todd and Lisa like they did still love each other and there might just be hope for a new happily-ever-after for them. We write fiction because then, anything is possible.

Excerpt: Lisa is cleaning up the wedding cake topper she threw against the wall and shattered.

Lisa walked to the trash bin and dumped the contents of the dustpan. Todd winced as the tinkle of pieces of the cake topper hit the bottom. Kind of like their marriage; in pieces and thrown away in the garbage.

“We could hike to the highway, catch a ride.” He sat up and turned toward his ex. “It’s only about seven miles, give or take.”

Lisa smiled at him. “We could do that.”

As if to shatter their hopes of escape as she had shattered the figurine, lightning flashed blindingly through the bay window, followed instantly by the roar of thunder marking the storm as overhead. Rain began to pelt the roof. Todd turned to view a waterfall coming from the roof onto the ground in front of the porch.


“My sentiments exactly,” Lisa added. “Now what do we do?”

Todd walked to the window. “We wait. How long can it rain?

His ex gasped and rushed to the dining-room table. She strode toward him with a piece of newspaper crumpled in her tightened fists.

He pried her hands off the paper. Their fingers touched and Todd jumped back as the old spark flared between them. He turned his back on her and smoothed out the page.

Possibility of Flooding in Lake County Certain glared at him from the headline.

“Shit,” he whispered.

“Exactly,” Lisa added, over his shoulder.

Her sweet breath tickled his neck. His face heated up as he moved away from Lisa. He couldn’t do this. A whole weekend trapped in this cabin with the only woman he loved as much as he hated her. They said love and hate were two sides of the same coin, and he believed it.

Todd slapped the paper, the sound lost in the cacophony outside and on the roof. He needed to move. Cabin fever was already setting in and he had only been here moments. All the times before, they had the outdoors for an escape. Boating, fishing, catching butterflies with Michelle or tadpoles with Michael. His mind played a family movie of good times together.

His gaze skittered over Lisa, her hands wrapped tight around her body. Just like the marriage ended, the happy family time movie ended in his thoughts. How could he be so mad, angry and hurt over her affair and see her for a few minutes and want her so badly?

He was screwed. He still loved the woman who betrayed him

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  1. Jill, it's an excellent subject. I think every married woman should read your book and learn from it!

  2. Mona, you are such a boost for my ego! I never dreamed that so many people would say so many nice things about my book. I hope people read it and realize it only takes a moment to destroy a family.

  3. Uh-oh! I see a showdown coming! Very good excerpt, Jill! I love that cabin fever tension.