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Friday, December 23, 2011

Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel

Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel

Two Wrongs was my first book published, in 2006, and I'm happy to re-release it now on Kindle and Smashwords at 99 cents, a more reasonable price for today's economy.

Two Wrongs has mystery, romance, and more. It's set in Chicago where I grew up, in the days when Marshall Field's was still Field's, and Chicago basketball was king.

Included are Field's references, such as the Big Tree at Christmastime and ice cream snowmen in the Walnut Room, as well as Frango mints. 

You'll find DePaul University, Chase Park, St. Vincent DePaul Church, and other Chicago landmarks also sprinkled in. 

What it's about:

Mix a Charles Bronson two-sided revenge theme, John Grisham courtroom scene, Danielle Steel 2nd chance at love and ADD Chicago and Marshall Field's at Christmastime - you'll get some idea about this book.

An innocent girl is slain. Her brother knows who did it - or does he?

Kevin loses his cool when Mary Alice turns him down for the prom. Her brother, Danny, hears them argue. Later that night Mary Alice lies dead in the alley. Danny is determined to make Kevin pay, but did he do it? Prison can turn the most innocent human being into a killer.

Excerpt - Chapter 29
“Danny, can you hear me?”

She bent so close he could smell her perfume—a scent which had driven him over the edge.

This was not Cathy. He lay helpless, again in her power. What would she do to him?

Footsteps approached.

“I’ve found him,” her voice called out to the new arrival.

Someone tried to move him.

“Answer me, Danny boy. Can you hear me?” Tony’s voice floated up. “Hey, man, just nod if you understand. That’s all I ask.”

Okay, he could do that. Cautiously, Danny moved his head, but a gong clanged inside.

“Okay, he’s still with us. Dora, stay here. I’ll get the car.”

Dora sat beside Danny, holding his head in her lap, brushing her soft fingers through his hair. He sighed at the soothing feeling. He’d missed the touch of a woman, especially this one. He shouldn’t allow her to do this, but it felt wonderful. He’d been so alone. Each soft stroke dulled the roaring pain.

Then he was lifted up and carried. He found himself resting in the back seat of a car, with his aching head cuddled in Dora’s lap. He wanted to stay there forever. Dora was strong. He needed her.

There had always been a link between them. Out of respect for Cathy, he’d denied it. Now he hadn’t the strength to fight it.

Thanks for letting me share.
Morgan Mandel


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  2. What an exciting sounding book. Must check it out. Merry Christmas!!