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Friday, January 6, 2012

Divorce, Interrupted by Jill James

In a romance novel the job of the writer is to either show how two people fall in love when they first are attracted to each other, or in the case of Divorce, Interrupted, show how easy it is to remember what you loved about each other in the first place and lost.

Chapter Three

He was thinking about her affair. She could tell from his furrowed brow and twisted mouth every time he glanced her way. The same angry expression that had glared at her in their bedroom, when she told him about Larry. 

She’d begged him to understand. To realize it had been a onetime thing and it would never happen again. He’d shoved her clinging hands away, thrown clothes into a suitcase, and marched out the door. Out of her life.

She clutched her churning stomach. Her hands trembled against each other. The temperature in the cabin dropped ten degrees every time Todd glanced her way. As if she had caused the storm, made them stranded here.

Lisa’s mind whirled a hundred miles a minute searching for a solution, an escape route. The road was too far in this rainstorm and too dangerous. The ranger station was locked, unoccupied, and probably unpowered. There was nowhere to go but right here, until the kids came back on Sunday. Three long days away.

Her stomach growled to remind her she hadn’t eaten since breakfast and some junk food at the gas station. She moved to the dining-room table and swept the papers and knickknacks into the box she’d been packing.

She puttered around the kitchen, seeing what was there, especially since it had to feed two now. A sigh escaped her.

“Something wrong?” Todd’s voice whispered over her shoulder. In the old days it would have been followed by his hands around her waist and his chin on her shoulder. Lisa’s breath caught, with an ache for the past burning in her heart.

“Actually, something’s right.” She put distance between them. “We have plenty of food for the duration.”

Her back was up against the sink, the cold metal digging into her spine. Todd moved closer. Up close she noticed a few new winkles she’d not seen before. A few gray hairs in his midnight dark hair that hadn’t been there before.

“You always made sure we had plenty of supplies up here.” His low voice sent a shiver down her spine and warmed her entire body. His fingers reached and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear.

“Wow, a kind word. I’m shocked.”

Just like that, she broke the connection between them. Todd slammed back, an angry rash reddening his face. His hands clenched into fists at his side.

She took a cleansing breath. An angry Todd was so much easier to deal with, not a kind, sexy Todd she had no defense against. Turning, she reached for the cans of soup on an upper shelf. Suddenly, Todd’s body was up against her. Heart radiated the whole length of her back. He grabbed a couple of cans of soup, set them on the counter, and moved back.

LOL Just like that an estranged couple can trip down memory lane.

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  1. Love the excerpt. Sounds like a keeper.

  2. Hi Jill, I'm very curious. Why did she have an affair? The book is on my kindle but I have to make time and read. The same thing happened to a neighbor years ago. The Dh never forgave, left her and married his high schhol sweetheart. And my neighbor cried so much. She was honest about a one time mistake.