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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I can't describe a hero without a clear picture of him in front of me.

A friend knew I was writing a medical romance. To help me get the right inspiration, she sent me a picture of George Clooney as dark, tall and handsome Dr. Doug Ross in ER. He became my model for my Puerto Rican Dr. Marc Suarez in BABIES IN THE BARGAIN.

For PRESCRIPTION IN RUSSIAN, a medical romance set in Belarus, I asked Pierce Brosnan to lend his heart-stopping smile and suave charm to my hero, Dr. Fyodor Vassilov. Can you understand now why the heroine, Dr. Jillian Burton, an American physician on a mission to Belarus, loses her heart to the gorgeous doctor in spite of her life-long pledge never to fall in love? Can you resist a Pierce Brosnan’s look-alike? I couldn’t. By the time I typed the END to my manuscript I was head over heels in love with my hero—whether his name was Fyodor or Pierce.

Before writing NO  MORE LIES, I downloaded an 11x8 picture of Colin Firth. Born into an academic family with both father and mothers lecturers at universities, Collin spent his early childhood in Nigeria, but later studied Drama in England. His poise and British cool suited the character of my French psychiatrist, Dr. Luc George, who is thoroughly honest and hides his passionate nature under a distinguished appearance.

Hugh Jackman who was voted Sexiest Man Alive in 2008 and hosted the 2009 Oscars, traded his Aussie origin to become my French Dr. Yves Malroux, an aristocratic Count who lives in the historical Loire Valley, in RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN. Hugh’s angular features and hazel eyes matched perfectly those of my French hero. Hugh’s picture landed on my desk on top of the others. Look at him. Is it any wonder that my heroine Mary-Beth blurted his name while in her fiancé’s arms? 
A romantic comedy novel set in France:
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What’s a girl to do when she whispers another man’s name in her fiancé’s arms?

When forbidden dreams about the sexy French Dr. Yves Malroux assail her at every turn, Mary-Beth puts her wedding plans on hold.  She signs up for a summer training program in surgery with Yves, and flies to France to confront her past and the man who broke her heart years ago.

Will Mary-Beth let her heart decide who’s her right man? Will Yves break his no-strings-attached rule to offer love and commitment?
Yves pointed to a street ahead. “Now, we walk to the Eiffel Tower. Look to your right. You can see it from here.”
“Oh, my God.” So that was the Eiffel Tower. “I didn’t realize it was so high. Impressive. How do we go up?”
“By elevators. We will stop at each of the three levels.”
The view was incredible from the first level, and even more beguiling from the second, but she winced as the third elevator began its spectacular eighteen-meter ascent. Yves, always attentive to her comfort, grabbed her hand as they stepped on to the outdoor level. Mary-Beth stared awestruck at the breathtaking scenery. The sun slowly dipped down, and soon dusk hovered over Paris. “It’s so beautiful.”
Yves stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist. She closed her eyes for a second, and made a wish—her one and only wish—as she leaned into him, and he tightened his hold.
“I am glad you are enjoying your day.” His husky voice against her hair sent tremors down her spine. She turned to face him. Yves’s eyes held her captive more surely than his arms, her lips dangerously near his.
He didn’t come closer, and she didn’t ease away. They just looked at each other. She sighed and averted her eyes, only to glance at one couple hugging and another kissing. A curse of frustration escaped her, and she focused her gaze on Yves, on his lips, his aristocratic nose, and hard jaw. He wasn’t smiling as he peered into her eyes, waiting.
Luscious memories of their last kiss shivered through her. She didn’t want to wait anymore and waste their precious moments together. She tilted her face higher, her chin a mere inch from his, and inhaled his masculine scent and lemon aftershave mixed with the crisp freshness of a Paris night. Her pulse quickened, raced, slowed, and almost stopped before resuming its erratic pace.
“Yves,” she whispered, her lips gliding against his throat. “Kiss me.”
Chérie.” He lowered his head and molded his mouth to hers.
She laced her fingers behind his nape. Feeling, tasting, enjoying. His tongue slipped between her parted lips and met hers in a wild dance. She pressed herself against him, not wanting to let him go. She was on top of the world in Yves’s arms. Warm and secure, and kissing him.
He released her mouth and rained kisses on her forehead, cheeks and throat. “Yves, the Eiffel Tower is more beautiful than I ever imagined.”
The breeze fluttered her hair over her face. He smoothed it back with a gentle caress. “Tonight, I, too, find it unique.” 
Far below, the city sparkled like a black velvet cape sprinkled with millions of diamonds. Yves waved his hand. “Paris by night.”



  1. You are soooooo cheating here! Love all four guys, but adore Pierce and Hugh! The blog wasn't bad, once I got my mind off the hunks.

  2. Mary, Blogger drove me insane today.So glad you enjoyed my hunks. They are exactly as I am imagining my respective heroes.

  3. I totally get this, Mona! I need to have a physical model in mind when I picture my hero, too. That and the right name. Until I nail those things, it's hard to get going. I love all your picks and I can see why they fit the characters.

  4. I'm laughing, Mona. I had different images in my head for all of your heroes. Very interesting to see how you imagined them. I usually prefer not to have a picture of my characters. That allows me to visualize them as I want them to be.

  5. Love how you use the images of the actors for inspiration, and I must admit, they are inspirational! Great post!

  6. Norah, it's strange, my heroines have the faces of women I know, relatives or aquaintances, realistic models. But for the heroes, these four are my favorites.

  7. Helen I bet you see my heroes in scrubs or suits as I describe them in my books, but I usually have these actors in mind. Actually, Pierce Brosnan stars in two of my stories Rx in Russian and the Greek Deal I'm writing. And Hugh Jackman is both Francois of French Peril and Yves of Right Name, Wrong Man.

  8. Patsy, you csn borrow them anytime. LOL

  9. Thanks for sharing your inspiration behind your books! I'd completely forgotten what a hottie George Clooney was in ER! Your book sounds great! I'm looking forward to reading it!

    Happy New Year & May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  10. It's fun picking movie stars that you want your hero to look like. I enjoyed seeing yours, Mona.

    Morgan Mandel

  11. Hi Trisha, isn't it nice to have a medic like George Clooney? Happy New Year and happy reading to you too.

  12. Hi Morgan, these are my favorite actors. Not too old, not too young, perfect to star as my heroes.

  13. Nice men for models! I love Pierce Brosnan, but my heart belongs to Alexander Skarsgard (Eric in True Blood). I'm the same way. Have to have that vision in my head.

  14. Hi Linda, that vision is lovely, isn't it???