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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Forever Love, 2012

Welcome to 2012! We're starting with a snazzy new look for our blog.

I am a Georgia native, and we Southerners love a great story. My daughter, who attended Georgia College at Milledgeville, spent half of her junior year in Washington, DC. Her college job as the 4-H lady in the local schools got her an assignment with the National 4-H counsel. As her mama and daddy, my ex and I were given a private tour of the places she usually showed tour groups.

Details escape me, but she showed us an area between the houses of congress. There were imprints in the floor rumored to have been made by a huge black cat, a harbinger of death who had announced the deaths of the Presidents who were assassinated while in office. Don't quote me on the details, please. As a writer I change details to suit my purpose and our tour was almost 20 years ago. (grin)

About Forever Love. I moved that cat to Georgia and assigned him to the Boyd/MsKeown family. For centuries that "demon cat" has appeared just before a member of the family died. Does he announce their coming deaths or cause them? I will tell you that the cat is Devon, an American Indian who has been damned to exist in a void between Heaven and Hell. He can be seen as the cat, but has no corporal form. Want to know what his purpose is and why he's damned? Hmmm.
Unseen, Devon watched the auburn haired beauty. He hated being a cat. He wanted to touch her. Her skin drew him, her scent made him ache in places he hadn’t felt for nearly two centuries. Frustration filled him as he fought his needs, carnal and frightening in their intensity. He knew her skin would feel like warm silk. It would smell of violets and rosewater. She was called Sabrina, unlike his Lou. It was difficult to separate them of late. (Both women were named Sabrina Louise)
Could he touch her without her knowledge? Devon had made love to her in his thoughts, as the man she could not see. She would taste like nectar and --- he had to forget the needs he could not hope to appease. It would be wrong to use her to make him feel alive again. He had watched her disrobe. Exquisite. This was no time to torture himself with desire upon which he could not act.

Forever Love is a paranormal novella with Southern flavor. It combines legends and lasting love with steamy sex.
Nurse Sabrina Boyd’s life was just fine before Dr. Joe Walker, her cousin’s widower, returned home to South Georgia. Avoiding the handsome doctor who wants a romantic relationship with her isn’t her biggest problem. She has seen the Demon Cat, a harbinger of death for the Boyd family for centuries. Now she’s obsessed with finding and saving the person the cat wants, and she’s immersed in old journals about ill-fated lovers.

Joe wants to teach her about steamy sex, and the cat ... what does the cat really want?

For the research folk
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  1. Hi Mary, thank you for inaugurating our new schedule and blogging year with a great excerpt. Is Devon the hero? I can't wait to read this book.

  2. I love it when authors include pets in their books. I have a dog and she's very much a part of my life.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Sort of, Mona. Devon, the black cat, is a spirit/ghost who can't find peace in death. Doctor Joe is the contemporary hero.

  4. Morgan, I love pets in books, too. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I'm a pet lover and I think it adds so much to a story when an author includes an animal.

  6. Mary's style of writing takes you away! This novella is a great read

  7. P.L., Thanks for the comment. This cat is not a nice kitty. No animals were hurt in the writing of this book.

  8. Thanks, Ms. Nightingale. From you such a comment is high praise!

  9. Aha!!! A shapeshifter! Sounds exciting!!!

  10. Great blog and great read. Everyone will enjoy this story.

  11. Mary, I loved the "story behind the story." Really enhances your book.

    Best wishes,
    Joan Reeves

  12. Thanks, Mary. Close guess. An old fashioned version, kinda.

  13. Thanks, Scarlet. I hope so! It's a tad different.

  14. I gave you the short version, Joan. I can be wordy. Thanks for the comment!