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Monday, January 16, 2012

Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel - A Cinderella Story

When I was young and my Dad took me and my brothers to the library, I always looked for the Cinderella book on the shelf. I never tired of reading the tale.

I'm not young anymore, yet the Cinderella story is still a favorite of mine. I love reading books and seeing movies about extraordinary people on the inside, who seem to be plain on the outside. Somehow, magically, with the aid of makeup, hair styling and perfect clothes, the outward appearance is transformed, and Cinderella's true beauty emerges. We all know it was really there all the time, of course, and just needed a bit of tweaking.

Girl of My Dreams, my contemporary romantic comedy, is just such a Cinderella tale, with humor thrown in, and a slice of suspense.

Here's An Excerpt from Chapter One, where you can guess the Cinderella possibility exists:

The ratings were down. Mecca was dying. It could not survive another season without a hit. Neither could he. He’d sunk time, money and effort into this project. The boys upstairs had given it a go, only if he’d produce and direct it. This was his chance to prove he could make it without the connections of his actress-mother Barbara Branton. A foul-up would turn him into a has-been at the age of thirty.
“Blake, should I go with them?” Jillian asked again.
Her voice was alert and in crisis mode.
“You’re not a doctor. I need you here. We have a show to run.”
Almost as soon as he’d hung up, he found Jillian standing before him. Through all the commotion, her hair was still pushed back from her face and her glasses perched firmly on her nose. He had to hand it to her for keeping her cool.
“I’ve called food management and alerted them of the situation. They’ve closed the cafeteria,” she said.
“Good. We don’t need anyone else sick. The coordinators were hit, too. What about the survivors?”
“They’re already in Makeup.”
Blake rubbed his chin. “Fine. Now, all we need is number twenty-five.”
Thinking, he stared straight ahead. He had a feeling the answer was right in front of his nose, if he could only see it. His loyal assistant stood at attention, ready to spring into action. Hard-working, intuitive, creative, Jillian was a miracle worker. She always came through for him, but this time he couldn’t fault her if she failed.
A gleam flashed in her eyes. “I’ll do it. I’ve read the routine. It’s only one episode. He won’t pick me. Then I’ll be through.”
He stared at Jillian. She wasn’t as striking as his hand-picked contestants or their twin-like alternates, but certainly she was no dog. Sure, her suit was circa 1980 and her shoes looked like they could stick out of the bottom of a nun’s habit, if nuns wore habits any more. Okay, so Jillian wasn’t the world’s greatest dresser. Wardrobe could fix that. She had a certain charm, was over twenty-one and legal. Ditch the Coke-bottle glasses, pat on some makeup and she’d pass. But…

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.
Morgan Mandel

Click a link for order information to get Girl of My Dreams for 99 cents:

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Morgan Mandel is a prior president of Chicago-North RWA, belongs to MWMWA, Sisters in Crime and EPIC. All four of her books are available in electronic format. You can find Morgan at http://morganmandel.blogspot.com/ , Facebook: http://facebook.com/morgan.mandel, Twitter: http://twitter.com/morganmandel and many other social media sites.


  1. Good Morning Morgan! Excerpt is wonderful!

    1. I love a Cinderella or rages to riches story or even a Pygmalion story. I'm easy!

    2. Thanks, P.L. and Mary!

      Morgan Mandel

  2. Morgan, I love this excerpt. I already have it on my Kindle, and will read it soon.