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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Addie and the Gunslinger-by Celia Yeary

Ex-gunslinger Jude Morgan lands in jail in a far-flung West Texas town. On the fourth day in his cell, the sheriff arrives with a beautiful woman dressed in men’s pants and toting her own six-shooter. Adriana Jones claims he is her worthless husband who married her but never came home.

The young woman makes a bargain with Jude in front of the sheriff. Jude is to come home where he belongs, and she will have him released. When they’re alone, she explains his job is to pose as her husband to thwart the marriage advances of her neighbor, wealthy rancher Horace Caruthers. The older man wants her ranch to join his, because the Pecos River runs through her property.

To seal the bargain, Jude wants a kiss. During the next few weeks, however, Jude and Addie learn that the kiss meant more than they meant it to be. Then, Addie's life is in danger. Will Jude rescue his Addie? Or will Addie save herself and her gunslinger?

Mini- Excerpt:
"Ever been kissed, Miss Jones?" Wanting to loosen her up, he tried teasing, but it didn't seem to work.

Her voice trembled a little. "That is none of your business. I don't intend our relationship to be at all personal. You just come and go, do your job, and pay no attention to me."

Chuckling under his breath, he thought, like hell.

Before she kicked her horse into a gallop, she lifted her chin and said, "You need a bath, Mr. Morgan."

"Addie. It's Jude."

"Jude. You need a bath."
Dear Reader-I wrote this story for submission to an epress for a series about outlaws and lawmen. I thought it was great, but the editor didn't like it. I never knew exactly why, and it did hurt my feelings. I just kept it for a while, wondering how I could get it published.

Do you know when you have a good story, even though an editor rejects it? I did.

A year later, it was accepted for an anthology by Victory Tales Press, owned and operated by Rebecca Vickery. A couple of reviewers wrote very lovely words about this story, which made me extremely happy. After six months, I was asked to leave it at VTP and be published again in one of VTP's imprints called Dime Novels.

Now, I am truly thrilled by the success of this little story. The first Dime Novel, titled Angel and the Cowboy, has also been a nice succes--and it's still selling, too.

So, my advice is "if you love your book, someone else will, too."


Celia Yeary-Romance...and a little bit 'o Texas  


  1. So glad you decided to publish this book and not listen to the know it alls who don't really know as much as they think they do.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. And I've done it more than once! That's the great thing about having a lot of self-confidence. Just kidding--I do not have a lot of self-confidence! Thanks, Morgan.

  3. Hi Celia, this was a great excerpt. And this is one story of your I haven't read so I'm going to remedy that. As for confidence, I think you have confidence in your characters. That's why you kept on pushing them out there until somebody appreciated them! I wish you continued success with these Dime Novels.(not .99 due to inflation!) Linda

  4. Way to go, Celia. I recognize Jimmy Thomas and one of his models on the cover.

    1. I really love the story idea. The cover isn't bad either!