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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Love, Lust, and Southern Comfort
How long beyond death should love last? How much should a person sacrifice for love or for a beloved?

In my paranormal romance FOREVER LOVE, I played with the idea that a person might deny himself the chance to go to Heaven because of guilt.

If you knew that you and the person you loved would not be allowed to be together without a huge cost to one or both of you, would you deny your feelings or deny yourself the chance to consummate your love? Some say the hearts wants what it wants, but what about knowing you can't have what you want without hurting the person you love?

FOREVER LOVE, a novella, tells two love stories, one from the past and one in the present.

Diaries from two hundred years ago draw Sabrina Boyd into the ill-fated love story of one of her ancestors.

Joe Walker has returned to his hometown and the hospital there as a doctor. There he finds Sabrina, the kid who crushed on him before he married her cousin.

Sabrina remembers well the way Joe and her cousin were in love before her death. There is no way he could be serious about her now. Besides, she has enough on her plate already, since she spotted the "demon cat", the harbinger of death for people in her family.


By the time the last patient left the clinic Joe felt drained. He removed the blue lab coat he wore when treating adults and tossed it aside. He sat at his desk and sipped cold, stale coffee. At times like this he missed having a doctors’ lounge with plenty of doctors, justifying fresh coffee made every hour.

He leaned back in his worn chair, rested his eyes and thought about the lovely Sabrina. He’d finally found the courage to ask her out, but she’d said no. He could tell she liked him. The attraction was still there with a vengeance after all those years.

Every night since he’d returned home he had dreamed about her. He had dreamed of doing things to her that were probably still illegal in most states. His dream Sabrina had lounged on his bed, covered by a rainbow of silk scarves that hid without really hiding in their sheerness.

...... He had imagined removing each scarf, using his teeth. She’d moaned with each love bite.

His body was at full sexual alert as it often was when he saw Sabrina. Her lush body had been designed by the goddess of love and lust. He could smell her arousal, or at least he wanted to believe he could. She knew he was available now, since he had made that clear by inviting her to a public function where everyone else would know about his romantic interest in her, like declaring his intentions. He’d ask her again soon, since she hadn’t said she would go with someone else.

Could she have turned shy while he was away becoming a doctor? He missed the cute middle school girl who had dogged his footsteps and flirted with him through her glasses, flashing her braces at him with grins of adoration.

He’d make the grown up Sabrina comfortable with him, then he’d make her want him. Then he’d make her moan, using the scarves he’d buy so he could live out his fantasies. His imagination could be such a damned tease. Now he was horny as Hell and in his office at the clinic. He rubbed his zipper, tempted to take care of his arousal.


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  1. Beautiful Cover - and the love the premise of the book!

    1. Thanks! I fell in love with the cover as soon as I saw it. The story told itself to me!

  2. Mary, so you want us to take personal responsibility for our actions, eh? Never catch on. LOL Makes a great premise for a tense love story, though. Best of luck with sales!

    1. Kinda, Caroline. Or maybe not punish ourselves so much. Thanks for the good wishes. This story is an odd duck and I know that. Maybe it will speak to some folks.

  3. Mary, I like the premise of this story. Different, no cliches here.

    1. Thanks, Mona. Some CPs and contest judges said, "You can't do that in a romance." Well, I did and I enjoyed doing it.