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Monday, February 27, 2012

Why do we love a paranormal hero?

I can't say that I've thought too deeply about this (I pulled an all nighter to finish an editing deadline and am a little giddy, actually!), but here are some thoughts:

The paranormal hero is:

  • larger than life
  • often doesn't have to conform to society's norms
  • has superhuman (extrahuman? supernatural? paranormal?) skilz that usually translate uniquely to the bedroom. :D
  • can pull off dark and brooding without making you want to smack them, because they usually have something big and angsty to stew about.
  • they're often rich or have copious resources at their disposal (try calculating compound interest on immortality!)
  • they are intensely protective and/or possessive in ways that we prolly wouldn't let a mere human hero get away with
  • often when tamed by the female, they are mated for life (constitutionally incapable of turning into cheating husbands)

In my book The Merzetti Effect, I can see most of these traits in Delano Bowen. (And in the second book, Nightfall, I can see even more of them in Aiden. Rowrr.)

What would you add to this giddy, top of the head list of what makes a paranormal hero irresistible?

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  1. I only wrote one paranormal romance, Osiris' Missing Part. I can add to your list that my hero being a god was unusually strong, and my heroine, a goddess, unusually powerful.

  2. They have a mysterious charm that draws women to them but they have eye for only one woman.

  3. Oh, Gods, were they, Mona? I get that was awesome! Definitely larger than life, that couple!

  4. Absolutely, Jadette! I think that's why we love the concept of the bonded male in paranormal. He's hot and amazing and dangerous, and all the women want him, but being bonded to the heroine, those other women don't have a chance. Now that's an understandable fantasy!

  5. Thank you, P.L.! That's Kim Killion's work at Hot Damn Designs. :)