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Friday, April 20, 2012

Book covers

Am I ever going to be satisfied with my book covers?
Should a book cover convey the theme of the story? Or should it attract attention to the characters, or simply be suggestive in a pleasant way to the reader’s eyes?

Is it better to have praise on the cover? I personally don’t like these tiny characters that I can’t even see on the Amazon book cover, but some authors love them.
I thought that my book cover for Greek Encounter was attractive, but as usual I have second thought, and wonder if I should replace my Greek hunk--and yes, he  is really Greek--by a romantic couple to be more in-line with my other book covers? Any suggestions?

How about title? Are you attracted to some titles?
I like suggestive titles such as No More Lies; Right Name, Wrong Man, or Babies in the Bargain. Maybe I should have found a more romantic title to Greek Encounter, such as Her Sexy Opponent (too erotica), or Her Greek God (sounds paranormal), or Love in Mykonos (do all readers know where Mykonos is?) or Her Special Greek (too plain).

Strange, this book is selling three times more copies in the UK than in the US.
Please, share your opinions.
GREEK ENCOUNTER, http://tinyurl.com/6ulnxzg
Stefano Kostapoulos plans to demolish the dilapidated Pink Villa inherited from his grandmother and build a modern resort on the Greek island of Mykonos. But the American co-owner refuses to sell his shares and sends his attorney to Greece--a lawyer Stefano plans to shred to pieces at the hearing.

Except that Counselor Ashley Sheppard is a gorgeous redhead who knocks Stefano off his axis when he meets her incognito. Sparks fly during a first encounter that leads to a memorable night of passion.

In court, Ashley is in for a nasty surprise. Her handsome Greek god is the opponent. Her heart gnaws with pain, yet she attacks him with all her strength to defend her grandfather's case.

Stefano wins the lawsuit, but is about to lose Ashley. To keep her in Mykonos, he strikes a deal with his old enemy. Does Ashley dare to trust the Greek playboy? Or even understand her grandfather's strange change of heart regarding the Pink Villa?


  1. I really like this cover, Mona, and the title. This whole title/cover thing is such a quandary. Some readers will like or dislike whatever we do.

  2. The cover for GREEK ENCOUNTER is terrific. As writers, we are always hyper critical of our "babies" and nothing can meet our expectations.

  3. I go for simple covers with bright colors, but I wouldn't buy a book because of the cover. I read the blurb, and maybe a page or two, and that's what makes me decide.

  4. Mona, all authors agonize over titles and covers. I think most authors end up designing covers that appeal to them since we don't have access to the marketing surveys big publishers conduct.

    Sometimes, it boils down to just rolling the dice and hoping for the best.

  5. Mona, I love that cover. If it is selling well don't mess with success. It is so hard to try to convey an entire story in a few random photo and title choices.

  6. Mona, I love the cover and what the title implies: A Greek encounter that will resonate with both the hero and herone. I'm with Jill. If it's selling well, don't mess with success.


  7. Yes, keep the cover if it is selling well. Also, it conveys the type of book the reader will expect - romantic and spicy.

    Morgan Mandel

  8. Thank you ladies for your advice. Okay, I will keep the cover and title for a few more weeks. For some reason I don't understand, all my titles appear grouped but Greek Encounter never appears with my other titles. Maybe I should ask Amazon to put this book next to my others. Don't know if they will do it.

  9. Mona, I like the cover.
    As for the grouping issue: Check your tags. Maybe they didn't take, or maybe you need to add tags that are similar to the others. Also, be sure author name and other details are all spelled the same.

  10. Hi Demi, good advice. I'll do that.

  11. If you get rid of the cover, can I have him? lol. The covers great, maybe the title can be improved. And yes, most people know where Mykonos is, and if they don't the cover will make do. Mykonos Nights? or Battle of Wills? Heck if I know.

  12. Mona,
    I'm finally getting my feet wet with this entire publishing venture, so I can't afford much advice yet. Perhaps Patrice's "Battle of Wills" is more in keeping with your idea?

  13. Mona, I love the cover of Greek Encounter. One reason American might not buy as many as the UK could be lack of familarity with Mykonos. I recognized it because I've been there, but if I'd read the name five years ago I wouldn't have. You might try replacing encounter with a word that is more evocative of the story. But definitely leave the hunk. All in all, I like the cover very much and really enjoyed reading this story. It was like returning to Mykonos.

  14. No, no, no Patrice, Stefano is mine. On the cover and in the story. LOL, but thanks for the advice. I'll see if I can change the title, but not yet.

  15. Josie, welcome to the tough, rude, and fantastic world of publishing. You haven't seen anything yet. The real achievement is when we get the first nasty review, I mean the seal of of approval, so to say. Develop a tough skin. It's needed. For years I thought that environmental chemistry needed steel nerves, that was until I shifted to published author.

  16. Thank you Scarlet. I love your advice. I may go with Her Greek Romance.

  17. Mona, I love this cover. I think you have got it right. The guy is gorgeous. I would keep this cover.

  18. Re grouping of your titles. When I search on your name on Amazon Greek Encounter comes up with all the others for me.