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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Corner of Britain with Je Ne Sais Quoi!

My first contemporary romance has recently hit the virtual shelves at Amazon. UNBREAK MY HEART is set on an island in the English Channel that many of you might not have heard of.

The Island of Jersey, or Bailiwick of Jersey, is part of the group of islands known as the Channel Isles. I've been fascinated by the place since I visited a few years ago. It is a tiny island, only forty-six square miles in size lying just off the coast of Normandy, France.

Strictly speaking it is not part of Great Britain but a self-governing British dependency. They use British currency and fall under the protection of the British military, but have their own political structure and make their own decisions. And Jersey is not part of the European Union but through its association with the UK it reaps the benefits of being a member without any of the drawbacks. So they are pretty astute!

The place is a unique mix of British and French, which gives it a charm all its own. The hero in Unbreak My Heart, Andre Le Court, has a French mother and a French name to give a flavor of this diverse culture. The island's main language is English although French is widely spoken. Jersey has low taxes and doesn't suffer from the VAT sales tax imposed in the UK. (Amazon has its UK fulfillment center there to take advantage of the favorable tax situation.) Jersey is renowned for being a tax haven for the wealthy.

If you enjoy short contemporary romance like Harlequin or Mills & Boon then this story is for you! It's available at the bargain price of 99cents on Amazon.

Unbreak My Heart Blurb

Andre Le Court first set eyes on Kate Frost when he was two and she was a babe in her mother's arms. He's twenty-five now, and he still remembers the moment perfectly, the moment Kate Frost slipped inside his heart.

His family owned a big hotel, her parents worked there. Andre's father spent years trying to separate his son from the daughter of the hired help. Eventually he grew desperate and sent Andre away to boarding school.

Nine years later, Kate turns up on the doorstep of Andre's prestigious hotel with the paparazzi at her heels and the six-week-old daughter of her celebrity ex in her arms. She has nowhere left to run except back to the place where she left her heart all those years ago.

Andre lost Kate once. He can't lose her again. But he has an image to maintain, a reputation as a successful businessman. A bohemian young woman with beads in her hair is not a suitable wife for him.

In Andre, Kate sees tantalizing glimpses of the boy she adored. But most of the time she hardly recognizes the powerful, successful man he's become, his lifestyle so like that of his despised father.

Can they forgive the pain of the past, accept each other as they are now, and rediscover the childhood love that was snatched away from them?


  1. Helen I am an anglophile, but didn't know any of this about Jersey. How embarrassing! Thanks so much for the enlightening post. UNBREAK MY HEART soundsintriguing.

  2. Ditto on the new info about the island and I think the book sounds like a keeper. Cool!

  3. Just like Dharma and Greg!

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Unbreak My Heart is delightful story I highly recommend. I heard that Julie Andrews was a citizen of Jersey Island.

  5. Oh, I missed this blog post. This is a lovely story. I reviewed it on Amazon.