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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remarriage After Divorce

According to Ask.com:  

If you and your ex-spouse are considering getting back together, remember three things:

·         The statistics are against you.

·         Take things slowly.

·         See a marriage counselor and take a marriage education course.

Luckily for me, Todd and Lisa Miller didn’t check out Ask.com before the fateful weekend at the mountain cabin in Divorce, Interrupted, my first book in the Second Chances series, or I wouldn’t have a story.

1. The statistics are against you. In almost anything we do, the statistics are against us. If we took time to study them we wouldn’t get married, have babies, or even fall in love.

2. Take things slowly. Kind of hard to do with a raging flood headed your way in the frigid November weather. Danger is always an accelerant to a relationship; new or old, or something in between.

3. See a marriage counselor and take a marriage education course. Well, if they had done that in the first place there probably wouldn’t have been a divorce to interrupt, much less the infidelity that caused it all. And what fun would that have been to my story?!

That’s why we write fiction. We can take things fast, make them happen, and ramp up the emotions. Besides, did you ever know anyone to look before they leapt when true love was around? Nope, me either.  Jill

Newly-divorced Todd and Lisa Miller are stranded at their mountain cabin. There to divide a lifetime of memories, they soon are in danger from more than the anger between them. A vicious storm forces them to rely on each other to survive.

Can they trust the one person they lost belief in? Or are their hearts in danger from more than floods and frigid weather?

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  1. Great post, Jill! Made me add Divorce Interrupted to my TBR towering stack. *g*

  2. Love your post, Jill. Perfect for your good story and delicious characters. Even without divorce, so many couples have gone through crises they've tried to fix on their own.

  3. Jill--yes, leaping before we look is very common with people in love. There's no stopping those hormones. Good post, and here's hoping for many sales!

  4. Thanks Joan, hope you enjoy.

    Mona, so true. We all need a little help sometimes.

    Celia, Thanks. Ah, true love.