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Friday, May 25, 2012

Love at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Would you be shocked if someone you know was swept off her feet by a man she just met, and after a few hours in his company would let him kiss her?
What if she is so attracted to him she wonders how his hands would feel over her body? What if he feels the same attraction?

Is it possible in real life?
Is it acceptable in a romance book to let them share a sex scene?

Attraction can’t be explained and varies from one person to another. If you are a writer would you insist on letting the love story develop slowly?
If you are a reader would you be upset to see your heroine give in too quickly?

I used to read historical by Heather Graham, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey. So often the hero raped the heroine in chapter one, and then it takes a whole book for her to forgive him although she was attracted to him during the rape scene. Very unrealistic in my opinion. Yet, we are talking about old bestsellers.
Forget raping. It gives me nightmares to even mention it.

What if the hero and heroine share a good, perfect sex scene, they can’t wait to repeat, because they fell in love, but the next morning they discover one of them lied about his real name, and the lovers are suddenly a Romeo and a very angry Juliette?

I am asking all these questions because I want your help and your answers. Have you read good books—I insist on the word GOOD—where the love scene happens too early?

HER GREEK ROMANCE  http://tinyurl.com/6lnbcuv
Sun-kissed Grecian playboy meets his match.
Attorney Ashley Sheppard comes to Greece to fulfill the
wishes of her ailing grandfather. He wants her to do everything she can to save
the Pink Villa, a house he jointly owned with his lost love.

Playboy Stefano wants to destroy the crumbling villa that
brought only heartache to his late grandmother for so many years. He wishes to
build a resort on the property. But first, he wants to check out the opposition
before he faces her in court. Using his middle names, he arranges an
introduction and convinces her to take a sunset ride on his yacht.

Their physical attraction sizzles. He aims to seduce her,
and Ashley is in vacation-mode enough to let herself be seduced. The next
morning when she realizes she's slept with the enemy, she's ready to shred Stefano
like lamb and serve him up with mint jelly.

Will the heavens align for the grandchildren of thwarted lovers?


  1. Mona--I believe in love at first sight, even though it didn't happen with me. I was "in love" with another guy when I met the man I eventually married. Now I look back and say, "What was I thinking???"

  2. I don't equate love at first sight and attraction at first sight. I'm fine with stories with either one or the other -- True Love at first sight, or intense attraction that develops into love. It all depends on the characters and what motivates them.

  3. Yes, I believe in love at first sight. Lovely post.

  4. Yes, yes, yes, I believe in love at first sight. I remember the second when I first saw the man wbo is now my husband and everything about the room we were in, what I wore, what he wore, where others in the room stood or sat. I also remember the look on his mother's face as she stared from me to him to me and I know she saw the instant bond between my hero and me. I was young, so it was eleven years before we married, but I sincerely believe we are true soul mates.

  5. I like to think love at first sight is possible and happens because it is so romantic. I can't think of a book I've read that has love at first sight, but attraction or lust at first sight is often in romance novels. Then it grows into love as the couple get to know each other. I suppose that is more realistic. Don't the French have a word for love at first sight? The romantic French obviously believe in it.

  6. Mona,
    I definitely believe in love at first sight! Sometimes, when you see that person, like Caroline says--you just know it. It doesn't throw me for a loop in my reading (or writing!)becuase I know it can happen. I think there is something within us that sometimes just sparks with another person, and no, I don't believe there is only one person in the world for each of us. Very good post! Your book sounds great, too. I must buy...I must buy...

  7. I'm writing my second book right now, CHAKRA SECRETS, and my muse had my character use those same words, "I knew him. I had always been an atheist when it came to love at first sight, but I was now a convert." Turns out he was a soul mate from a past life (surprised even me), but it happened to me in real life, so I guess it's true.
    Look forward to reading your book.
    Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries

  8. I believe in love at first sight, also, Beth. And Mona, how well I remember the "old" romance books. And you know what? I still love them!

  9. I actually haven't read a romance book where the sex scene happened to soon. I read a variety of romance genres, including historical, parnormal and even science fiction.

    But I do believe in love at first sight. I met my husband of 31 years on a blind date set up by mutual friends. He picked me up in his car then leaned over and kissed me before we went in to meet our friends. And what a kiss that was! I was hooked and still am. lol

  10. I believe in love at first sight, true love, and soul mates. I'm a sap for romance. That's why I read it and write it. Sometimes your heart just knows--he's the one.

  11. It's not always about love in many books. Lust at first sight doesn't bother me as much as sex before the first date. But lot of folks like that. (sex with a stranger or just because.)

    However, I like the idea of love at first sight.

  12. Hi Celia-- cute story. It's exactly mine. My love at first sight didn't last. When I met him twenty years later, I said Thank God. LOL

  13. Ah, I like that Barbara. Attracton doesn't need motivation but acting on it must have a good motivation, maybe the character or its past.

  14. Yeah Beth, I love to know people who believe in love at first sight.

  15. Oh Caroline, what a lovely story. God bless you both.

  16. Hi Helen, attraction, desire, lust at first sight, or COUP DE FOUDRE in French--literally 'hit by lightning'-- is what I have in my Greek romance. But some readers felt shocked by a love scene they considered too premature.

  17. Wow, Cheyl, I really like this: "there is something within us that sometimes just sparks with another person." You said it so well. And yes you must buy, buy, buy...LOL

  18. Becca, I am glad you remind us that it can happen in paranormal too, where lovers feel they must have known each other before. Lovely.
    Happy reading.

  19. Josie, I still have the "old historicals" dog-eared and well-read, but recently I've been drifting away from them, maybe because I am writing and loving my own books better. Not bragging.

  20. Yeah Susan, I'm clapping hands for you and your blind date/husband. He's a real romance hero. Congratulations on your long marriage. Staying married is an accomplishment these days. I have been married for many, many years to my hero, and love him like the first year and more.

  21. Bravo Jill for believing in love at first sight and romance. AND for writing great romances.

  22. Hi Mary, in you book, The Gift, you have a sex scene with a stranger and a perfect motivation.