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Friday, May 18, 2012

Where Would You Go and When?

Where would you go and when if you could travel in time? I’ve always been a fan of time travel.  One of my favorite old movies was The Time Machine with Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux.  My preference is the older version as opposed to the newer one.  I grew up imagining myself stepping through a portal (consciously or accidentally) and ending up somewhere vastly different from the world today! My mind was thrilled by movies like Planet of the Apes or Twelve Monkeys.  Over the years, I’ve read more time travel books than I care to count (dollar-wise). 

Where would I go?  I know my choice sounds like a religious journey, but I think I would travel back to the time of Christ and try to find him, but I doubt I would enjoy the Roman era.  Too much violence from a historical standpoint. I could easily find myself thrown into the gladiator arena as an entrèe for an assortment of wild beasts or a hacking post for some testosterone-charged sadist bent on crowd approval by beheading poor old me. Hmmm, perhaps another time would be a better choice.

Vikings have always interested me, more from the viewpoint of those invaded as opposed to the invaders.  I love history dealing with the incursion of the Vikings and their escapades.  But then again, I could find myself a slave toiling my brief life away in captivity to a brutal group of unfeeling warriors.  Another time perhaps.

All of my stories to date (other than a few short reads) have dealt in some fashion with time displacement.  Even my vampire story deals with a female who is entombed for 600 years, awaking in modern day. She has her own trials to deal with as she strives to fit in.  And my most recent, a SciFi romance, wherein the heroine awakes 200 years in the future aboard an alien starship bound for parts unknown.  How would I handle those situations if they presented themselves?

Again, think hard.  Where would you go and when?

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  1. If only for a day or a few hours, I'd love to travel to 19th century Texas and also San Francisco. But I like my creature comforts and think I'm better off writing about someone who travels through time (OUT OF THE BLUE) than me doing the traveling.

  2. I'd bounce around in time from one era to another and one country to another. I'd want to meet some of the literary giants like Jane Austen, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Dickinson, H. G. Wells, forward a bit and hang out at the Algonquin with Dorothy Parker and her pals and see if I could stand up to their acerbic wit.

  3. P.L.-I FBd it, with a comment!

  4. I know one thing. I don't want to go back in time when we had no air conditioning or color TV!

    Love your book covers, by the way!

    Morgan Mandel

  5. I'm not too lazy to travel back unless I could be a lot younger and have a return ticket. I LOVE to travel back in time in books.