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Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Friday afternoon, all. 

The temps in Atlanta, Georgia are reaching for 100 degrees and higher, God forbid.
A cyper monster ate my website and the server's website so longer works.
I'm trying to edit my book and edit for other writers.
I'm trying to coral my daughter and the lovely friend who offered to brainstorm with me about ways to make contacts and brand my books. 
And the hound dogs are sick.
Well, uh, I don't have hound dogs,  but I figured they would add to the "Woe Is Me" country song aspect of my blog. These boys belong to my daughter and they are not hounds. (snicker)

We all know life gets in the way of our writing some days.  I need to rebuild my website as soon as I can get a new server, if I can do that with the other server unreachable. I'll make it work! We always make things work!

I have fans and can escape to my daughter's house or sleep downstairs, where the air conditioner works. Got that covered.

Corralling others isn't so easy, but I can blackmail my kid and forget the friend's offer for now. I want to Indie publish my newest book SOON!

FYI, 2 beta readers said they LOVED Margo's Choices, my soon-to-be-newest book, and couldn't put it down. 

 What kinds of obstacles is life throwing in your way now? I just raised this book back to $2.99, but I will give a free download to a commenter or I can offer a different book.



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  1. I wish I could be right over to help you with all your "woe is me" problems! I've been through mine over the last 2 weeks, and things are beginning to look up again. If you need another beta reader, I love reading. I think that was a hint! Hope all the woes fade to the background and your weekend is wonderful. We are over 100* here in Missouri, humid yet so dry I'm afraid to walk across the grass as it might produce a spark!

    1. A strong hint! Might just send it to you. I'm still making corrections from the others. I don't type worth a crap!

      My daughter was born in Mexico, MO 39 years ago. We had one window air conditioner and used fans to direct the air into our bedroom.

  2. Right now I feel like I have a dozen irons in the fire. Books almost done. Covers to order. Last edits. Front and Back matter to make so I can publish them and all the family stuff too. I need more hours in the day.

    1. Me, too, more hours. And a miracle with the website/bog. I plan to finish editing my book and a novella for a client over the weekend. You always keep on truckin'!

  3. Well contrary to you, ladies, today is my first day of relaxation in months. My latest book is done. The End. I am designing a new website but going at it very slowly to avoid stress. As my sister the psychiatrist would say: "It's all in your head." All in our attitude toward problems. And you have a terrific attitude, Mary. Taking things with a grain of humor.

  4. Thanks, Mona, but I'm glad you weren't here when the mechanic took 4 days instead of the predicted 2 to fix my car, my only car. When the guy said they "were looking into some things" my tendency to read sub-text had me cursing and throwing cough drops and tearing paper. I can't even pitch a good fit for fear of breaking something I want to keep.

  5. You're giving a book away? Since I've not read anything of yours, I thought maybe I might make a comment.
    If your books are as entertaining as this blog, well, then, my girl, you are a winner.

  6. Celia, I hope you win, then. If you sneak over to Smashwords you can grab a freebie before I change my Christmas story from free to 99 cents.


  7. I go in so many directions--all the time. Just dealing with each hour as I can. Love the dog pics.