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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm the new girl!

I’ve just joined this blog and am so very happy to be amongst the wonderful ladies of the group and to meet their followers. As soon as I saw the site, I felt as if I’d found a home for my 99cent book My Cheeky Angel. When I watched the moving widget full of some of the most beautiful covers...nice  bright colours showing uplifting, light types of romances, I knew I’d fit in perfectly.

As we all know, it’s difficult to promote books without slapping people in the face with the cover and yelling “buy me”. But that does seem to be the way of it nowadays. Therefore, when a bunch of great authors decide to promote their books together—tastefully, I have to admire their determination. It’s every writer’s goal to have her work shared among as many readers as possible and it’s hard to accomplish such a thing by one’s self. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to both write and advertise in the way that would be necessary for that kind of exposure.

Plus there’s always the cost. It isn’t cheap to promote one’s work in the market today. The expensive ways don’t take as much work, but the budget can’t always be stretched. It’s a hard decision whether to give up the time to self-promote or the money. Either way, unless someone knows there’s a book out there, then all those hours of slaving over a computer would be for nothing.

When I saw how this group of ladies have worked around the problem, I decided that it was a great idea. So again, I say thank you for inviting me to belong and I look forward to sharing many blogs in the future.



  1. And welcome to you, too, Mimi. Mona Risk was the brains behind the blog, and other authors have stepped up to do the technical stuff. I, too, am happy to have this lovely venue for my 99cents story.
    I love your cover--so pretty and fresh.
    I'll Twitter, etc...good luck!

  2. Hi Mimi, welcome to the 99cent Ebooks blog. We are happy to have you. Your book has a lovely cover and certainly fits well with all our beautiful covers. I tweeted you.

  3. Mimi, welcome! I love your cover, which has the attributes you mentioned. This blog has helped my sales, and I hope it does the same for you. These are nice women and we work together for one another.

  4. Thanks to all of you for being so welcoming. One person can build a path but many people moving together can widen it into a highway....so here's to our highway to fame!!

  5. Hi, Mimi! Great post. Welcome to the blog. Lovely cover btw.

  6. Welcome to the blog, Mimi. Nice to have a fresh voice among us. Wishing you and your books the very best.

  7. Great to have you join us, Mimi. I love your book cover!