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Thursday, July 26, 2012

EVERY GIRL'S DREAM by Cheryl Pierson

Do you believe in love at first sight? Can it happen? More importantly, can it last over the long haul of the ups and downs of a relationship?

Throw in a few obstacles from the very first meeting of the hero/heroine, and the relationship becomes even more intriguing.

In my novella, EVERY GIRL’S DREAM,that's just what happens. EVERY GIRL'S DREAM was first published as the opening story from A WESTERN SAGA (Victory Tales Press).
It's still available in the anthology, but this March it was also released as a .99 "dime novel" in the Western Trail Blazer gallery.

Sheena McTavish, a young Irish girl, has been raped by the son of her father’s employer. Now, with a baby on the way, Sheena is given an unthinkable choice: give her baby to the father’s wealthy family to raise, or travel to New Mexico Territory by stagecoach to live with her aunt and uncle until her child is born. At that point, she will have to place it in a nearby orphanage.

Desperate to buy some time and protect her baby from its father, she chooses to travel west. Alone and afraid, she starts on the journey that will change her life forever. Before Sheena’s stage leaves, she meets handsome Army scout Callen Chandler. The attraction is there, even under difficult conditions.

As the story progresses, Sheena must learn to trust again, and Cal begins to realize he doesn’t have to live the solitary existence he’s endured up to now. Being half Comanche has left him with no place in either world—white or Indian. When Sheena comes along, everything changes…for both of them.

I WILL BE GIVING AWAY A PDF COPY OF EVERY GIRL'S DREAM TO A LUCKY COMMENTER TODAY! BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR COMMENT! (I wish I could show you the cover for this story, but blogger is not cooperating tonight.)

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The anthology and the "stand alone" version of EVERY GIRL'S DREAM are available at Barnes and Noble, and at Amazon.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt of EVERY GIRL’S DREAM.

Cal is a half-breed U.S. Army scout, who has just rescued Sheena, the heroine, from a Kiowa attack on the stagecoach she was in. They had met briefly the morning before, and as luck would have it, Cal comes upon the stage after the Kiowas have attacked and are getting ready to ride away with Sheena. He tells them he and Sheena are married and the Kiowas reluctantly let him take Sheena, but then…

Cal felt…something. His back tingled as he waited for the stinging burn of a shale arrowhead. He risked a glance backward, and saw the Kiowa leader’s stare heavy upon him.

“Sheena, hold on tight.”

“The baby—”

“I know, sweetheart. We won’t ride hard any longer’n we have to. Lowell’s Ridge is only about four miles away.” A very long four miles.

She nodded in understanding. “I’m sorry, Callen.”

“No call for that.”

“You came for me.”

He smiled at that. There was a small amount of disbelief in her tone, overshadowed by a huge amount of wonder. Who wouldn’t come for her?

“You could be killed because of me,” she said softly, as if she had only just realized it. She laid her hand over his, and in that moment, he wondered if dying for her would be worth the twenty-seven years he’d lived so far.

His heart jumped at her touch, then steadied. But as he risked another glance back, he saw exactly what he’d feared. Two of the braves were mounting up, and they weren’t riding the opposite way. “That still might happen,” he murmured.

He leaned forward, trying to protect Sheena with his body as he slapped the reins against the horse’s side, urging him into a lope, then a full-out run.

The Kiowas were close behind them. There must have been dissension among them. The leader had seemed content to let him take Sheena and ride away. One of the others must have disagreed with that decision.

Cal reached to pull his revolver from his holster.

They were strangely quiet, he thought.

The first bullet cracked from behind them, and Cal reflexively bent lower. The bullet whined past his ear like an angry bee.

Sheena gasped. He fired off a shot and got lucky. One of the warriors screamed in agony and fell from his saddle. But the other rode low, hanging onto the side of his mount. And he kept right on coming.

The next bullet sang over Cal’s head. He concentrated on eating up the miles to Lowell’s Ridge. Riding double was slowing them down considerably. Sheena’s body was tense beneath the shelter of his own. Fragile, but strong. Delicate, but determined. His hand splayed over her stomach, holding her close, cradling her from the jarring of their wild ride.

A whoop from behind them accompanied the crack of a rifle, and this time, the Kiowa warrior’s bullet found its mark. A bolt of fire seared through Cal’s right shoulder, and for a minute, the pain was so strong he almost sawed back on the reins. But at his harsh curse, Sheena glanced up at him, her hand instantly clamping tightly over his. The reins were still wrapped in his fingers, but Sheena kept her hand on his, reminding him to let the horse have his head and continue their flight for freedom.

“Hang on, Cal!”

The pain was so breathtaking he could do nothing but nod his understanding.

“Dammit!” she cursed. That almost made him smile, but the agony in his shoulder surged up and stole his breath again as the horse’s hooves pounded the ground below.
The road was not much more than a trail, and where it narrowed, branches reached out to scrape and snarl in hair and clothing, scratching their faces as they blindly rode toward safety.

As they broke through the brambles and low limbs into the clearing on the other side of the wooded section of road, Cal glimpsed the steeple of the church, then in a moment, the rooftops of houses.

He glanced behind him to see the Kiowa had stopped. He was taking careful, deadly aim with the Winchester he held. “Christ,” Cal muttered. “Keep down, Sheena.”


  1. Cheryl, I do believe in love at first sight. I remember the first time I met my husband as clearly as if it were five minutes ago. Love the description of your new dime novel and look forward to reading it.

  2. I guess romance authors, of all people, must believe in love at first sight. Right? Enjoyed your post.

  3. Cheryl, I love your excerpt. What a fantastic suspense. I believe in attraction at first sight, but not in love at first sight. For me, love grows with time or collapses if it wasn't true love.

  4. Hi Caroline,
    I remember the minute I knew I was going to marry my husband. I had known him from college--the "older man" who'd just gotten out of the Navy, been married and divorced, and was a Viet Nam vet. On our first date, we went to a dirt track stock car race in West Virginia. A fight broke out and he took a straight razor away from a guy, then calmly came back and sat down beside me to watch the races. LOL He still says, "Your eyes were as big as silver dollars." But he reached over and put his arm around me and said, "Don't worry. He's drunk. He'll sleep it off in the parking lot." There was just something about him that I loved, or recognized as love, in that moment.

  5. LOL So true, Joan! If we didn't believe in it somewhat, we might be in the wrong business. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Hi Mona,
    Yes, I think that you can have attraction, but not love. I did with my husband--we did know each other for an entire semester before we ever dated. In the beginning, I'm not sure we liked each other very much, but we were attracted to one another somehow. So there must have been some kine of underlying feeling there. It all worked out--we've been together now for a total of about 36 years. I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt!

  7. Funny, I was having this argument with my daughter only the other day. I do believe in love at first sight, but my daughter said she only believes in lust at first sight and that can grow into love. I guess she might be right, but I still like to believe in soul mates finding each other!

  8. Helen,
    I believe in it, too. I always think of that song from South Pacific, "Some Enchanted Evening, you may see a stranger...you may see a stranger, across a crowded room..." I think there is something that draws us to one another in some cases, even though we may not know what it is or name it as love immediately.

  9. I like to believe in it! I'll read about it and hope to find it again. At my age, love at 1st sight could save a lot of wasted time. Lust at 1st sight is good, too!