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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Head Full Of Ideas

Too many story ideas and not enough hours in the day. That's how I feel right now. My head seems to be bursting with possible stories and it is difficult to decide what to write next. I always feel like this when it is time to start a new story, but it has got even worse now I am writing in more genres.

I have decided the next story will be a contemporary romance, and I'd like to write one set in Greece, where I recently had a fabulous vacation. But I also have a Christmas story vying for pole position. I have to keep pushing those characters out of my mind so I can focus on the Greek story—which has turned into a trilogy! Or I could write a follow up story to Oceans Between Us.

And then there's the celebrity chef idea, and the chocolatier idea, and the second book in my fantasy romance series, and the second book in my YA paranormal mystery series. Sometimes I wish I could switch it all off and have some peace and quiet inside my head. I'm sure the rest of my family think I'm loopy the way I'm always talking about imaginary people. (Except my son who totally understands me and is the same way.)

I'd love to know if anyone has found a way to get a little peace occasionally. Maybe I should try meditation!

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  1. Helen, I am like you. I'm hesitating between three stories, I have a chapter one for a medical set in Florida; an outline for a women's fiction; and just ideas for a new contemporary set in Italy. Not sure where to go first. I wish I could type at the speed I think!

    Congratulations on your successful stories.

  2. Helen--same here. I love the cover on your book--and your success is fantastic! Congratulations.

  3. Helen, how did you get my photo for this post? ☺ I share your problem, but at least we don't lack for ideas when we are writing. Just write the story of the voices who talk the loudest.

  4. I once had tons of ideas. For now I'm working on a demon story that is kicking my ass!

  5. Great blog Helen! I guess we're all the same. I'm halfway through a new book for the Vicarage Bench series, have plotted out the new Angel book and am almost finished my first romantic suspense which needs a new title according to the promoter I'm working with. Andddd...I have to write a Christams book. Never-ending fun. (TW&FB)