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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kat and the U.S. Marshal

San Antonio is the setting for my newest Dime Novel release, Kat and the U.S. Marshal. During the late 1800s, the city struggled to tame the rowdy, wild atmosphere that had prevailed during much of its earlier history.

One up-scale establishment was the Menger Hotel, which is still in operation today. Remodeled and upscaled over the decades, the Menger has remained a vital part of the downtown area. In this novella, Kat attends a dance there, and Diego, the marshal, meet up once again. He tells her to save a dance for him--but, he say, "I can't dance. I'll find you when I figure out the steps."
As they danced, Diego brought her body flush with his, and he kept his right hand just below her waist. He pressed her closer, too, much more than was proper. Slightly dazed, she could barely think.
She whispered. "Diego, move your hand to my back, above my waist."
Whispering back, he said, "No."
"Yes. Do as I say. People will talk."
His voice rumbled low and deep. "I like it where it is."
U.S. Marshal Diego Montoya is on a mission to track down and arrest a killer, and he goes to the brothel area to find Miss Hattie Carson's Sporting House. The madam and her girls play a brief role in the story.
The San Antonio red-light district became known as the Sporting District in 1889 when the city council voted to contain and regulate prostitution. In addition to brothels, the area contained dance halls, saloons, gambling parlors, hotels, and restaurants. Businesses in the area provided the city with tens of thousands of dollars annually in licensing fees.
The District was shut down in 1941 by Dwight D. Eisenhower, who commanded Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.
Kat Garrison and Diego Montoya had met a year before. Now, he know she's in San Antonio. He finds her house and knocks on her door.
"Yeah, Kat, there's something wrong. You. Who is this uppity attorney you're seeing?"
"How do you know my business? I haven't seen you in months. Close to a year, in fact."
"I'm a U.S. Marshal. Remember? I can find out any damn thing I want."
She closed her eyes, stiffened her spine, and let out a short breath. "Well, Marshal Montoya, stop snooping into my life and my affairs."
He grinned, one side of his mouth quirking up, which made her clench her jaw.
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  1. Celia, I love your posts because I always learn some history about Texas! Thanks!

  2. Yay, Celia, keep those books coming! This one sounds like you have another winner.

  3. Hi Celia, I love your cover. The girl looks like Angelina Jolie. [I fixed the black color into white]