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Saturday, July 14, 2012


Years ago on one trip from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to visit our family in West Texas, we were trapped at my mom’s house due to a blizzard. Fortunately, we were comfy and our daughters loved having snow deep enough for a snowman. On the trip home, though, I wondered about all the ranchland through which we traveled. What if someone were trapped there?

We passed through some isolated areas. Ranches and farms in that area each have at least one mercury vapor light on the house or barn. If you've ever been in a rural area on a dark, moonless night, you understand just how black the world is without streetlights. As we drove, I chose a small house with a large barn as a prototype. What a perfect place for the story spinning in my head!

One of my cousins, who was not so fortunate as we were, was trapped in a blizzard on his way home from work after he’d worked late. In the dim visibility, he hit a snowbank. Or that’s what investigators speculated. Apparently, he tried to push his car back the few feet needed to free it, but could not budge the car. After a lot of struggling, he started walking for help or home, no one knows. Evidently, the exertion combined with the weather conditions caused him to have a heart attack. No one came by until the next day when he was found frozen to death.  So, I have a particular interest in people being isolated by the weather.

On to more pleasant subjects. No surprise, I want to tell you about one of my books.  SNOWFIRES is set in a West Texas blizzard and in Dallas. Here’s a blurb:

Trent Macleod and Holly Tucker
Trent Macleod fought his way up from nothing to buy into Marvel Incorporated in Dallas Texas. He knows Holly resents him, but doesn't understand why she hates him enough to get them lost in the worst snowstorm to hit West Texas in decades. He knows he should keep her strictly off limits, but how can he when they're marooned in a tiny house with one bed and almost no heat? Passion ignites in the freezing home as they give in to their attraction--but will the fire last?

Holly Tucker despises yet is attracted to the dynamic man who bought shares in the family business that her gambler father foolishly lost. Was Holly’s stepmother telling the truth and Trent caused the heart attack that killed Holly’s father? As their fascination pulls them together, Holly realizes her stepmother must have lied. But Holly cares way too much for Trent. When she learns he’s a gambler, she swears she will give her body to him, but not her soul. A lifetime of repairing her father’s gambling follies has cured her of loving a gambler. Or has it?

And here’s the set up for a SNOWFIRES excerpt:

Trent and Holly were on the way from her Grayson grandparents' home in the remote West Texas Panhandle to Dallas. Attempting only to delay their trip, Holly got them marooned in the worst blizzard to hit the area in a decade. They took refuge in a small home whose owners, the Martin family, were trapped in town. The home's ancient floor furnace hardly competed with the cold and there was only one bed. After freezing in a chair for several hours, Holly has climbed into the bed for "shared body heat" with Trent:

He smiled as he recalled her shocked expression when he mentioned shared body heat. At least he got a little of his own back then. She turned toward him in her sleep, snuggling up to him with her palms against his chest, one leg thrown over his.
He fought the instinct to pull her even closer and make passionate love to her. They fit so well together. He wondered how she would be as a lover, then mentally kicked himself for that line of thought.

Now he knew why the young Martin family had children so close in age. On this sagging mattress, which forced their bodies into intimate contact, a man and woman who loved one another would be drawn naturally into frequent lovemaking. Even with this ice princess with whom he had nothing in common, his mind and body cried out for their coupling.

He had no idea why she so resented him. It was more than their differences in business theory, because she had hated him at their first meeting two months ago. He racked his brain for a possible reason, but nothing came to him.

Maybe she just resented his buying the shares lost through her father's gambling. Why hold him responsible for her father’s stupidity? From all accounts, Walter Tucker was charming and glib but an absolute loser in all the ways that counted.

Grayson skirted the issue, but made it clear he hadn’t approved of his late son-in-law's management of Marvel, his ostentatious lifestyle, or his choice of Holly’s stepmother. So, why had Grayson stayed in the background? Buying into what had previously been solely a family-owned business left Trent an outsider with insufficient information.

If only Walter Tucker had stopped ranting long enough that day to listen to him...but why even go there? He would figure it all out eventually, but so far hadn't discovered how all the pieces fit. Trying to unravel the puzzle, Trent drifted softly to sleep.


The pirate returned to Holly's dreams. They were in the cabin of his ship, snug together in his bunk. This time his caresses inflamed her beyond her wildest imagination. Her fingers traced the line of the scar on his chest, her lips trailed kisses along the jagged ridge.

His mouth scorched a path down her neck and across her shoulders. Strong hands pushed her bra aside.

Warm lips found her breast and his tongue laved her rigid nipple. The calluses of his fingers scintillated her skin as they moved to the elastic of her panties. His hand slid gently inside to touch her—

Her eyes flew open. "Hey! Stop it right now." Holly pounded Trent on his shoulders. "Get off me."

If you are intrigued (and I hope you are!) SNOWFIRES is available as an ebook for 99 cents at

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Soon SNOWFIRES will be available in print from Amazon’s Create Space.

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  1. Caroline--you are a writing machine! Wow, so many books. I'm impressed.
    I've been in a snowstorm on the South Plains in the 50s, and it reached the windowsill in my bedroom. But we lived in town and never had any problems. It only gave us a day off from school, and by afternoon two boys came to my house with one of my girlfriends, so I went with them--we stole bottle Coca-Cola off a truck! I mean, I didn't--the boys did!
    Your story very good--congratulations, and keep up the good work.

  2. Blizzards can be very nasty. We had one in Chicago which closed down Lake Shore Drive. People had to abandon their cars after several hours, go home on buses and wait until the snow was cleared to retrieve their cars.

    Very difficult for animals to get around too! Clearing a path for my dog, Rascal, wasn't easy.

    Anyway, it's cooling to read about a snowstorm book on such a hot day!

    Morgan Mandel

  3. I was stuck on the interstate between Laramie and Denver years ago, my son was 6 months old. I thought we'd freeze to death. I still have nightmares about that!

    You are a busy lady! Good job!

  4. I prefer my blizzards in books! Mexico, Missouri and Boston, Mass gave me enough big snows for a lifetime. We could still have enough snow in Georgia to keep folks stranded. (grin)

  5. Years ago, I was trapped in a blizzard in South Dakota for 3 solid days. No power, and I was alone. Wrapped in a bunch of quilts, I huddled in front of the gas stove with the oven door open. I used the experience to write a novella which I'm expanding into a novel and publishing as an ebook. Bad experience but a book came out of it.

    Good luck with your blizzard inspired story!