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Thursday, July 5, 2012

What’s your favorite scent?

Authors often specify a scent to ground the reader in a scene. During love scenes, the hero inhales with pleasure the particular fragrance of his leading lady, and the heroine swoons at the masculine scent of her hunk. Hmm, forgive the purple prose, please.

That fresh scent that puts a smile on your face every time you breathe it in reveals plenty about the type of person you are. According to Dr. Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, “The area of the brain that’s used to process smells is actually part of the emotional center.”
What’s your favorite scent?

Lavender: You’re thoughtful. It could be a subconscious desire for serenity that attracts you to this perfumed scent. You need tranquility. Because of your reserved, kind nature, you prefer small gatherings and you know how to listen.
Coffee: You’re fun to be around. The smell of coffee alone is enough to provide a boost of energy. If you love this aroma, your enthusiasm for life and willingness to dive into new experiences is infectious. Everyone loves your company.

Green grass: You’re so caring. The subtle scent of fresh green grass induces nostalgia. If you’re drawn to this scent, it’s likely because it brings back happy memories of childhood times You’re so warm people are drawn to you because you take their feelings into consideration.

Citrus: You’re outspoken. The sharp acidic scent of citrus can increase excitement. This appeals to your candid nature. You’re not afraid to share your opinions. Your friends love you because you bring elements of fun into their lives.

Lilac: You’re an optimist. The sweet scent of lilac appeals to the romantic in you. You’re emotional and you love passionately. Because you’re so sure things will work out, you’re always open to new possibilities. You make people believe you can do anything.
So play the game and tell us which fragrance you prefer. And choose scents for your hero and heroine.

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  1. I wonder what happens if you like more than one scent. Are you a mixed up person?

    I like the scents of grass and lilac and citrus. Maybe I'm hopeless.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. LOL. Me, too -- I like them all, although citrus is my least favorite. I love the smell of lilacs, but that is partly nostalgia -- there are none where I live. I use lavender hand lotion, though, which I suppose says something! Fun stuff, Mona. :)

  3. Morgan, I'm more hopeless. I'm allergic to strong fragrances. They give me headaches. I can't stand grass. It makes me sneeze right away. I guess lilac is soft enough to be tolerated.

  4. Barbara, my favorite lotion has an almond scent that I really love. Very soft and appealing. So I guess we can give our protagonists scents that match their characters.

  5. I love bergamont, cardimum and lemongrass. I hope I spelled that correctly. I have large lilac trees in the backyard and in the Spring my entire house is one big lilac. I went into a banquet hall once and found myself inhaling the masculine scent. After making a comment to the owner how nice his cologne smelled he said his sister puts cologne drops in the empty plugins. Said she noticed the women get up and dance sooner. I started doing it at home for parties and my guests relax faster.
    Cora Blu

  6. Lilac for me! Does that also apply to thinking I can get it all done by tomorrow?

  7. All of the above? What does that mean? One scent that actually almost makes me swoon if freshly ground coffee beans. When I go to the supermarket, I love to pass by, or walk through, the large display of different kinds of coffee beans, and a grinder right there. Heaven--I dawdle and smell. I don't buy them--just sniff.
    Good luck with your sales.

  8. Hi Mona,

    Of the ones you mentioned, citrus is the only scent that doesn't make my eyes water. But my all-time favorite scent is coconut. I also like the salty smell of an ocean breeze.


  9. Hi Cora, what a good idea to spray cologne and make people relax and mingle. I'll try it the next time I invite guests for a big party. I've never had a green thumb and couldn't grow flowers, but I used to regularly buy roses for my mother. She had a little rose garden in her living room. It gave her the impression of being outdoor.

  10. Yeah Caroline, you can make us believe anything.

  11. See Celia, that describes you so well. You like the scent of coffee and you're so active, so enthusiastic and fun to be around. That from a good friend.

  12. Maggie, my husband too loves coconut and its smell. But you reminded me of the smell of the ocean, a scent I associate with my daily life and incorporate in my books.

  13. Interesting. I have problems with scents in real life because of allergies, but I once loved White Shoulders on dark haired woman, like Mama. It didn't smell the same on me or blondes. I loved the scents of Bay Rum and Old Spice on men. I liked Canoe but not English Leather.
    My men all wear Old Spice!

  14. Well, Mary, your comment is definitely interesting, and I'm learning from it!