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Monday, July 16, 2012

Who Likes Sweets? by Morgan Mandel

I confess to having a sweet tooth. If there's ice cream in the house, I'll for sure devour it. My only defense against my weakness is not to buy ice cream when I grocery shop.

The exception is summer, when all reason flees. If I'm on vacation, at a festival, a birthday party, or some other function where ice cream is involved in any way, I definitely indulge. Everyone knows such calories don't count. Please don't try to disillusion me, because it won't work. (g)

I admit to also prefer Sweets when it comes to romances. I'm the kind of reader who'd like to leave what happens in the bedroom up to my own imagination, instead of having it spelled out to me in minute detail. For those who enjoy hot and steamy, that's your prerogative.

I know there are others out there with the same tastes as mine, judging from the great response I've received for my blog, Sweet Not Spicy where I showcase sweet fiction and its authors.

Because I prefer reading Sweet Romances, that's what I also like to write. I'm glad to say my sweet romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams,about the madcap adventures of an assistant who enters a reality show, is still selling well on Amazon.

In the works is another Sweet Romance, which I hope to make available this summer.

In the meantime, if you haven't read my 99 cent sweet romance ebook, Girl of My Dreams, you can find it at http://amzn.com/B0065R11QO

Excerpt from Chapter 2 -

Jillian gulped in dismay. The nightmare was escalating. A trip to Hawaii would be thrilling, except for one catch. Once she got there, she, who’d only worn modest one-piece bathing suits, would need to strip down to a baring bikini, and not only that, play volleyball in front of cameras, which would zoom in on every jiggling movement. She felt like gagging.
She wanted out, but was trapped. She’d signed the contract, was all too familiar with its contents and could recite the relevant portions by heart.
The one pertaining to her situation read something like, “It is understood between the parties that any contestant chosen by the billionaire to proceed to the following round must do so or suffer $5,000.00 in penalties.”
That amount would throw her straight into the poorhouse. She couldn’t back out now. She hadn’t recovered emotionally or financially from her mother’s illness and death. Going forward and ignoring her cringing sensitivities would be the smartest move.
 The lights dimmed. Excited, chattering contestants exited the stage. Jillian blindly made her way past them, twice almost tripping over the cables.
This had gone far enough. She had to get eliminated in the next round and make the charade end. Then she’d go about the business of finding a new job and forgetting Blake Caldwell had ever existed.
Is that what you really want? Her inner voice asked. Though nothing had ever come of it, she’d lived for the day he’d see her as more than his assistant.


  1. Morgan, I can hold your hand any time you want an ice cream, but I prefer salty nuts to sweet. Almond and pistachio are my downfall. If I start on them, I can't stop. In my novels, I like sweet and spicy, means that I don't mind a light love scene.

  2. I can see Jillian is having to make some tough choices in the moments ahead. We get to be with her as she agonizes over what she'll do for money, and the hope that her boss will finally see her for the jewel she is.


    How many women in mainstream America have this same dream? Probably a LOT!

  3. Jillian actually isn't doing it for the money, but she's kind of stuck since she volunteered!

    Morgan Mandel

  4. It sounds like a lovely book! Sweets, oh, yes! Salty stuff, yes!
    I have actually left ice cream in the freezer so long it got freezer burn.

  5. Love the cover. Great excerpt!
    And I'm a sweet nut also..every day I allow myself to have one sweet something...surprising how much I look forward to my treats!!! What a child...sigh!:)

  6. I keep a supply on cookies on hand to make up for not having ice cream in the freezer,by the way.

    Morgan Mandel
    Twitter: @MorganMandel
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/morgan.mandel

  7. I love sweets, caramel sundaes in the summer - yum. Perfect cover.

  8. A caramel sundae sounds really good!
    Glad you like the cover, P.L.

    Morgan Mandel

  9. Who likes sweets? Me, me -- jumping up and down and raising my hand. Wish I didn't, but the truth is I love desserts.

    Cute book cover, Morgan. When it comes to romance, I like it in just about all flavors.