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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Readers Love Romance Says Morgan Mandel

I can't help but notice that romance books are still very popular. It may have something to do with the escape factor. For a short while the reader, no matter her age or looks, can feel beautiful and loved. Not only that, she gets to wear the most gorgeous clothes, which emphasize her perfect figure.

I've always loved Cinderella stories, and, judging from the reception of Girl of My Dreams, many others do as well.The heroine in Girl of My Dreams has what I call hidden beauty, which of course doesn't remain hidden long. Her other qualities shine as well, such as unselfishness and decent moral character. Otherwise, she wouldn't be my heroine.

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 2 illustrating her unselfishness:
Squaring her shoulders, she grabbed the pen nestled in her hair. One of the lobby chairs was empty and she headed toward it. With barely a glance at what she was filling in, she completed the application and signed all the papers with her full legal name, including the contract, release and addendums Blake had specified to make sure the studio was protected against contestants who got cold feet.
Biting her lip to keep it from trembling, she took a last look at the signature that would change her life. She’d done it and there was no turning back.
No more behind-the-scenes madness of pulling a television show together. No more walking into the studio to find Blake’s brilliant blue eyes red-rimmed from lack of sleep and his begging-to-be touched raven hair rumpled because he’d pulled his hands through it. No more staying late Fridays while he used her as a sounding board to brainstorm over pizza.
She’d miss his wit and his glances of appreciation when she offered a suggestion, along with so many other things she’d grown to love about him in the last six months. She dare not think of them all, or she’d cry.
Whether or not the gamble paid off, she’d never lay eyes on Blake again. That in itself would almost kill her, but it wouldn’t be half as bad as knowing she’d failed him in his time of need if she didn’t do this.
Blake must get his golden opportunity. The studio must be saved, even if it meant sacrifice on her part.
“I wish there were some other way,” she said, as she pressed the down button for Hair and Makeup.
She disliked calling attention to herself, yet soon she’d let strangers examine every pore and treat her like a lab specimen. And that was just the beginning. The worst was yet to come when she faced the cameras. Jillian shuddered, but her feet did not falter as she stepped off the elevator.

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  1. Romance novels are the biggest selling genre in the world. Next--Mysteries (real mysteries), not Romantic Suspense. I believe Inspirational novels--romance or otherwise come next. I saw this list some time ago, and it's stuck in my head. So, Yes! I agree with you 100%.

  2. I love reading romances and wish there were more true romances on TV as well, instead of so many women in jeopardy movies.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Morgan, I agree with you. I love romance, but like either comedy or murder with it. ☺ GIRL OF MY DREAMS is perfect.

  4. I adore a good romance, even if the happily-ever-after is hinted instead of a done deal. Good excerpt!

  5. I love romance. I can't stop reading romance novels, and I can't stop writing them. And I love romance in real life.

  6. Ah, Cinderella! We all love her, don't we? I even have a book out with Cinderella in the title and another one coming out next month -- also with Cinderella in the title.

    Morgan, I loved your analysis of a Cinderella's characteristics, and you're so right. Unselfishness is paramount. Your excerpt illustrated it so well.