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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What is Your Inspiration?

What stimulates your inspiration? Is it an article in the news, a book you might have read, a couple’s passionate kiss, or just one of life’s multitudinous situations?  Plain old history is quite often my inspiration especially in the time travel context.  So many mysteries yet to be unraveled! Not only am I caught by some interesting fact, but I will spend hours and hours researching the subject and the more I research, the higher my inspiration soars.

            Ancient history especially draws me. I love discovering that one small tidbit about a people, a place, a time, etc., and then I’ll find everything I can about it. The Urumchi Mummies and Oetzl were my inspirations for Fiona and Riley’s Journey. Who would have thought ancient Celts would have made it to China long before Marco Polo was a merely a light in his daddy’s eye! And what of poor Otzi, a prehistoric man murdered for some unknown reason, entombed in a frozen grave for countless generations. What wrong had he committed and why such a terrible end?

            I wish I could go back, not to stay but to visit, to see history with my own eyes and perhaps verify that which now is only speculation. History is constantly changing. Many of those facts we believed in my youth have since been thrown out as new information surfaces. Writing time travel allows me to experience history as I would have envisioned it if seen through my eyes.

            What inspires you?  

P.L. Parker is the author of numerous novels on time travel, both back and in the future as well as dabbling in scifi.  Two 99 cent books are offered on Amazon - Fiona and Riley's Journey.

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  1. Hi! Good post. I too love the human moments of history.

  2. Inspiration comes to me sometimes in places where it shouldn't. Sometimes in church on Sunday I get the wrong inspiration. I think of a plot for my book and then have to remember it when I get home!

    Morgan Mandel

  3. My main inspirations come from characters who pester me and out of the blue "What if?" curiosity.
    Good blog!