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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas in Florida

For many Christmas is synonym of snow, cold, a fire in the chimney; indoors decorated Christmas trees; evergreen wreaths and garlands; red ribbons to accent the Christmas look; twinkling lights decorating the doors and front yards; and a spicy hot punch; or hot chocolate to warm you up.

Yes that’s the Christmas I remember having when my children were growing, in school and in college.
It was so cold outside, and so warm and cozy inside.
My present Christmas is so different. How do you celebrate Christmas in Florida? In church, nothing is changed, but all the rest is different. Our Christmas trees are often smaller. We decorate palm trees and take advantage of our clement weather. You can find us at the beach if the temperature is in the seventies.

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My latest book, CHRISTMAS BABIES, is a heartwarming holiday story, set in South Florida.

Dedicated to her patients, the serious Dr. Madelyn Ramsay never had time for fun. An unexpected health problem jolts her into the realization that there’s more to life than just work. She longs to surrender to the magic of Christmas.

 But can she handle the charming and secretive Dr. Nick Preston who carries his own package of disillusions?

Can she allow two newborn twins to worm their way into her heart?


  1. Mona, I love this. I won't be swimming in North Georgia, but I might be in long sleeves, wearing no jackets, or not.

    I will have my decorations up soon and leave them up until I am tired of them!

    Your story sounds like warm read.

  2. Hi Mary, I put my decorations. Not much, but enough to feel it's Christmas. A small tree all sparkling, a small manger, and a row of light on the balcony, plus a few Santa Clauses here and there.

  3. Hi, Mona, this must have posted late. I didn't see it yesterday morning. Here in Texas, we often have a tropical heat wave Christmas. Just crank down the AC and light the fireplace! Happy Holidays.

  4. Hi Joan, AC is on. No fireplace. Not even a fak one. LOL

  5. Mona, I love the palm tree lights. We decorate with a lot of lights, too, here in California. We do have a real fireplace though. It can get down into the 40's at night. LOL!