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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boxed Sets – do they sell?


This month I have released a new boxed set called Mimi’s Mix. I selected a story from each of my three series’ - books that haven’t reached as many readers as I would like. I chose Partners from the Vegas Series, His Devious Angel, a full-length from the Angels with Attitudes Series and one of my novellas called He's Her from the Vicarage Bench Series.  I put the three into a boxed set and crossed my fingers.

This isn’t my first boxed set. I'd made another just before Christmas. In that case I took the three novellas from The Vicarage Bench Series, which hardly got any attention at all, and put them all together. Much to my surprise, the set has sold wonderfully. Of course the fact that I’ve priced it at $.99 might have made the difference. (Ya think?) And I did hesitate to price it so low.

I mean each of the novellas in the anthology was singularly priced at $.99and still are. Therefore you would think a fair price would be $2.99 which is an acceptable price for three separate stories. But after the set came off a promotion and took off, I just couldn’t put the price back up. The sales now have justified me keeping the price low and giving the readers a treat.

Not to mention that those book have reached thousands of more readers who hopefully will like my writing and search out my other work. I consider it a win-win situation. 

Mimi's Mix - A Book From Each Series!


Another win-win is the fact that there is a
going on right now! Mimi’s Mix is part of this promotion so for January 9th & 10th the set will be FREE along with novels from many of Amazon’s best-selling authors. Please visit and download to your heart's content!

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  1. Mimi, a very successful author friend said boxed sets DO sell. She recommended pricing the set differently, though. For instance, instead of 99 cents for three 99 cent novellas, she would have priced it at 1.99, still a bargain for readers. I haven't tried a boxed set yet, but will this spring.

  2. Mimi, good luck on the box. Eventually, I will do that with my novels. But I have to learn how how to prepatre a box cover!

  3. Good luck, Mini! I haven't the guts to try that yet!

  4. I'm thinking of doing a boxed set one of these days as well. When I can get around to it. (g) Glad yours is working out!

    Morgan Mandel