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Saturday, January 5, 2013


It’s no fun being sick on New Year’s Eve and starting a new year with a cold, running nose, cough, sore throat, and ear ache. It seems I’m allergic to holidays since the same thing happened on Thanksgiving and dragged for three weeks.

On the positive side, I’m stuck at home with plenty of free time to write. I wrote a sequel to CHRISTMAS BABIES. One more chapter to type and I’ll be ready to edit, polish, and format.

I also wrote my resolutions, only four easy ones to follow:

1-Email my children every night. A few lines to keep close contact, since they live so far and are always busy with work and family.

2-Write at least 200 words a day. In fact I wrote much more than that and I discovered that if I write every day the ideas flow and the story writes itself.

3- Spend at least 20 minutes at the gym from Monday to Friday. A famous psychologist said that it takes 21 days to build good habits. I badly need good habits! I manage to read when pedaling and even glance at the news on the TV monitor. Talk about efficiency.

4- Last but not least, the difficult resolution. NO SWEETS. And I mean it. No sweets at all. Since I have no will-power to resist sweets, I’m considering myself a ‘sweet-aholic’. Don’t touch, don’t sip, don’t even smell it. So far so good for the last five days. Now I hope I can keep up for the next 360 days. I asked my husband to eat all the chocolate in the fridge or throw it.  

CHRISTMAS BABIES, 99cents,  http://tinyurl.com/burgd9j

A heartwarming holiday story, set in South Florida.

Dedicated to her patients, the serious Dr. Madelyn Ramsay never had time for fun. An unexpected health problem jolts her into the realization that there’s more to life than just work. She longs to surrender to the magic of Christmas. But can she handle the charming and secretive Dr. Nick Preston who carries his own package of disillusions? Can she allow two newborn twins to worm their way into her heart?


  1. Mona, those are great resolutions. Sorry you've been ill, but admire that you used your time so well. When I'm sick, I tend to goof off and take naps. ☺ Hope the rest of 2013 goes well for you.

  2. Sorry for you! With new job, no matter what, I can't afford to be sick... Christmas Babies sounds really good - just my kind of story.

  3. Hi Caroline, I do my best writing when I'm sick. LOL It relaxes me. So far so good with the resolutions.

  4. Hi Patsy, I hope you'll enjoy Christmas Babies. It received good reviews so many readers seem to like it.