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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Dog Ate It

Note the proximity of
 the chair to Rascal
Who doesn't know that familiar kid's excuse, The dog ate it?

My dog, Rascal, is over 8 years old, yet sometimes she reverts to puppyhood. It's usually when I'm not paying enough attention to her. She knows exactly how to get it. All she has to do is find something of mine and start chewing on it.

When she's in one of those attention-getting moods, anything I leave on the dining room chair is Open Season for her. I made the mistake of  leaving my gloves and knit hat there for a few minutes on Monday, and one of my gloves landed on the floor underneath and in her mouth.

Okay, I'm not exactly dumb. I also know how to get her attention by luring her with a treat to distract her so I can retrieve one of my prized possessions before it gets wrecked. I take that back. Maybe, she's the smart one and knows how to get extra treats from me. Still desperate times require desperate measures.

In Her Handyman, my recent romantic comedy release, FuFu, a Chinese Crested dog, plays a major role in getting Jake, the handyman, and Zoe, the rich artist together. Actually, FuFu is kind of innocent, since she was only playing with her toy when it landed in the toilet, making the water overflow, causing Zoe to call Jake for help.

Or, was it an accident? Maybe Fufu wanted attention, and knew how to get it. We'll never know.Sometimes characters clue me in, and sometimes not.

If you have a dog, maybe yours craves attention also. Or, maybe you know of a fictional one who does.

That's FuFu on the left,
looking innocent.

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  1. Our dog is very passive, but our male cat, Sebastian, knows how to get our attention. He has us trained now, though. ☺

  2. Yes, it's always a contest to see if the human or the pet gets trained and how much.

    Morgan Mandel

  3. Hmm. I was dog sitting my daughters 3 dogs. I pulled out the good, still clean, and intact toys and tempted the kids with then. The boys would take a toy, alpha dog getting it, of course, and returning for the next one. The younger male followed his big brother back to me each time I showed a new toy. The younger boy never stayed with the toys so he could have them while big brother came to see what was new. The girl stayed behind, so I checked to see why she stopped following the guys. She had grabbed 2 toys and put them on a sofa and was guarding them. Smart girl!

  4. Dogs can be smarter than we give them credit for, that's for sure!

    Morgan Mandel

  5. LOL - I love dogs and I've used a canine character in many of my stories.

  6. FuFu is adorable and your Handyman afun story I enjoyed. I don't have a dog but for years I had an adorable cat Wendy who knew how to get my attention. She was our third kid, and knew it!

  7. Rascal was naughty again today. As soon as the DH left for work, he ran over to the closet and worked at the rubbermaid lid until she got it open. Then she ran around with my glove and tried to eat it. I lured here away from it with a treat, but the joke was on her because I never gave it to her!

    Morgan Mandel