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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

To Sequel or Not to Sequel - Is that the Question?

Do you like sequels?  Sequels have really hit their stride.  Movies such as Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Twilight series are just a few of the most popular.  I’ve never been one to be much interested in sequels, though I do like series books and I have several favorite authors.  When a new book in their series become available, I’m usually one of the first purchasers.  But sequels – I’ve never been that interested.

Until I wrote Riley’s Journey… Even at the time I wrote Riley’s, it was never intended as a future sequel, but I received so many requests, I decided to give it a try.  Unfortunately, the publisher who first released Riley’s rejected the sequel and I was afraid at the time that would be the result.  My editor had left and opened her own online book store and I wondered about trying to sell a second book to an editor who had never read the first.  So I took my sequel to my previous editor’s site and she accepted it immediately, saying it was the perfect sequel and even for a smaller site, Into the Savage Dawn has done very well. I just recently completed the third in the series and my publisher/editor accepted it immediately.  In my heart, the journey started in Riley’s ends with Beyond Tomorrow.  But who can really say?  If the interest is there, my fictional friends just might entice me to write another chapter in their time travel journey.

P.L. Parker is the author of two 99 cent ebooks – Riley’s Journey and Fiona.

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  1. Patsy, I love series. Not movies, so much, although I loved the Bourne movies. Most readers love series, I believe, because they are invested in our characters and like to revisit them via glimpses in later books. Best wishes for continued success with your writing.

  2. I just wrote VALENTINE BABIES, as a sequel to Christmas Babies (Holday Babbies Series. Several readers sent me emails asking when book2 of High Rises will be published. I still have to write it!

  3. I admit, I like to know what happens too!

  4. I think sequels can be wonderful when secondary characters demand their own books. I have two in mind.

  5. If I like a main character well enough, I'm glad to read a sequel. Also, if a sequel is a spinoff from an original book, and I like one of the secondary characters who becomes a main character in the next book, I also am attracted to the sequel.

    I know lots of readers gravitate toward sequels, so it's a good way to go, if an author can do it right.

    Morgan Mandel

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  7. I too enjoy sequels, heck, I've been waiting for the sequel to one book for...this month will mark 16 years. I've heard readers complain sometimes they've gotten bored if a series goes on too long but I don't personally get why that's a good reason to complain about the writer. I've actually counseled readers in this: There are so many good things to read out there, the reader can move over to something else and refresh themselves. They can always come back to the series later and who knows, fall back in love again.