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Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's National Hot Breakfast Month!

 By: Stephanie Burkhart

Who doesn't enjoy a nice, hearty breakfast? Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it gives you the energy your body needs to get the day going.

In the US., February is National Hot Breakfast Month. It was the brainchild of Jimmy Dean's foods which is known for making heat-and-serve breakfast foods. They wanted to promote hot breakfast options.

Some hot breakfast choices include:
French toast
Breakfast sandwiches
Pork links
Hash Browns

Question for you: What's your favorite breakfast? I'd love to hear your menu.

Author Bio: Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD. She loves chocolate, needs coffee and will eat bacon with just about anything.

A Polish Heart
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99 cent Novella
Blurb: Can Sofia's faith give Darrin his heart back? 


Dracek crossed his arms and glared at Darrin, jealousy laced in his eyes. "Because of Sofia?"

"You will only break her heart, American. You will go back to your country and leave. I see how she looks at you. It's you she wants."

"Not you?" asked Darrin, tersely. Anxiety coiled around his limbs.

"I have known Sofia since we were children. I just want her to be happy, but I am not convinced of your sincerity."


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  1. MMmm...this sounds good! My favorite breakfast? I' must admit, Omelette. Bad for my health of course but soooo....good! :)

    1. Juli, I'm not one for eggs so I'm hot breakfast challenged. I definately like a little bacon with my breakfast.


  2. I love to go eat breakfast out. When I do I order 2 eggs over easy, toast, hashbrowns and patty sausage. I smear jelly on the toast and put the sausage between the pieces. If at home it depends. Lately I find I am eating breakfast, lunch and dinner all at one meal. I'm not hungry when I first get up. Then some days I don't want to fix anything to eat. Being widowed I tend to wait until I'm hungry to eat. Then it might be 4 or 5 or 6 in the afternoon. Wish I could afford to just eat out easier that way. :-)

  3. I'm also the two eggs, hashbrowns, bacon and toast kind of girl. Sometimes I even skip the toast for two pancakes! But only when I go out, which isn't very often. Otherwise, I'm stuck with crackers for breakfast. My stomach can't handle anything else.

  4. I'm stuck on my German musli, fruit and plain yogurt for breakfast. Ocassionally, I'll have an egg as well.

  5. One fried egg and a toast, or a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins, is enough for me. Recently I've tried to watch my diet and eat fat-free yogurt with fresh strawberries or a banana.

  6. I like hot breakfasts, and eat one every day. My sister just pointed out a pancake mix at Target that's very high fiber and low sugar. Got it, and we had Bear cakes the other night. Yum yum. What's better than a hot breakfast? Breakfast for dinner!

  7. I LOVE breakfast food - waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, omelettes...and, isn't it fun to eat it at other times of the day than in the morning? Love IHOP and Denny's for that! Honestly, though, my breakfasts are usually a bit more boring - yogurt, oatmeal or high-fiber cereal, maybe a banana or a piece of fruit...and, of course, lots of coffee. I wish my metabolism could support the more yummy breakfast foods. :)

  8. Steph--I love pancakes!!! Even McDonald's makes very good pancakes. My pancakes are great, too--I make pecan waffles or pancakes. Love both of them. But during the week, I eat Cheeriors or Raisin Bran with low-fat milk. That's all. Weekends, either pancakes, or an omelet. And I make a great omelet, too.
    Now, I'm hungry.

  9. We go to the American Legion Pancake Breakfast every month. I pick pancakes, ham, and scrambled eggs when I go!
    At home I eat cold cereal because it's easier.

    Morgan Mandel

  10. It's dinner time here, but you make me want to have breakfast instead.

  11. I've been running too fast for breakfast! Maybe for supper tomorrow night?