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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's Your Poison?

Why do you read?  Personally, I read for pure pleasure.  I have no interest in educating myself nor do I plan to make drastic changes to my lifestyle.  I just want to be swept away!  Back in the school years when I was forced to read whatever my inconsiderate English teachers forced down my throat, my pleasurable experience took some major hits. Thankfully, those years are behind me and I can pick and chose as I please. 

What genre do you find yourself engaging in most?  For me, it’s paranormal – time travel, vampires, werewolves and demons.  Fiction all the way. My mother’s genre of choice is true crime, one that gives me nightmares if I happen to read a few paragraphs.  I am constantly amazed by my mother’s ability to read about such horrific crimes and not hide in her bedroom secreted under the bed. Mom always had her true love magazines and mystery books, and my father his Louis L’Amour westerns, suspense and war stories.  The love of reading was instilled in me at an early age.

But again, I read for pure pleasure.  What draws your interest?

P. L. Parker is the author of two 99 cent E-books – Fiona and Riley’s Journey.  Both time travel romance novels.

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  1. My favorites lately is romantic comedies and cozy mysteries. I like to read stories that let me escape and don't make me think to much. I do enough thinking all day otherwise!

    Morgan Mandel

  2. I agree. If I want gritty subjects, I can turn on the news! I read for the pleasure of an escape with a happy ending.

  3. I love to read what I write -- romantic comedy -- but I also read just about every fiction genre except fantasy as well as lots of nonfiction.

    I read for entertainment and for education.

  4. Like Morgan, I like to read romantic comedies or romantic suspense with humor. Nothing scary that would give me nightmares. I rarely read paranormal or thriller. I read for fun but I learn something from every book I read.

  5. I would love time to read for pleasure soon! I enjoy romantic comedies, and women's fiction, and....almost everything!