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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fate and Preordained Destiny

Are we prisoners of the past?  Have we created our own future by the deeds of our previous existences?  Is our destiny preordained?

Have you ever wondered if fate plays a part in the life you are experiencing now?  I do.

Wictionary defines Fate as:

  1.  The cause, force, principle, or divine will that predetermines events.
  2. The effect, consequence, outcome or inevitable events predetermined by this cause.
  3.  Destiny (perhaps connotes death, ruin, misfortune, etc.

Many religions view fate as preordained. In ancient Greece, the unseen power that rules the destinies of men was personified by the three sisters Moirai, or Fates, whose names were Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.  Fate is sometimes  described as having unlimited power over gods and men, while at other times the gods, especially Zeus, are described as the rulers of human destiny, or as having the power to change the course of fate.

With the Moirai the Romans identified their own Parcæ or Fata.

Various religions suggest fate is founded on the doctrine of God’s absolute decree and of predestination and that man exists under the weight of incalculable series of former lives.  In essence, we are the product of our own Karma. 

I wrote a very short horror story dealing with this very thing.

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  1. Free will vs. fate -- a theory as impossible to prove as the chicken or the egg. I guess I believe in an element of each in every person's life.

  2. Actually I do too. I believe we still have choices no matter what.

  3. Interesting topic, and I don't know the answer! I just muddle along and do my best!

    Morgan Mandel

  4. I agree that we have choices, but fate tosses folks in our paths to see what we will do. A few folks have been tossed in my path more than one time. I make use of the opportunities! I have made some wonderful friends that way!